Criminal Justice-COLL | Alcohol, Violence and Crime
P300 | 11553 | Snowden

The objective of this course is to provide a survey of theoretical
and empirical literature on the relationship between alcohol,
violence, and crime.

We will begin with a discussion of theories that explain the
association between alcohol, violence and crime, and then move on to
discussion of empirical research that tests the theoretical
prepositions. The class will cover the relationship between alcohol,
violence and crime on the individual level, small group level,
community level, and cultural level. As such, we will discuss why
individuals are likely to become violent when they consume alcohol,
how this relationship between alcohol, violence, and crime is
influenced by others who are around, how this relationship differs
in different communities, and why this relationship is more
prevalent in certain countries (i.e., cultures) but not others. We
will end the course with a discussion of mechanisms (i.e.,
sanctions/public policy) that can be used to affect the relationship
between alcohol, violence, and crime.

Class meeting:  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, 12:20-1:10


Instructor:  Aleksandra Snowden, criminal justice department