Criminal Justice-COLL | Law and Global Corporations
P300 | 11554 | Liu

Who should care about the role of multinational corporations (MNCs)
in a globalizing world? Many people. As future policy-makers,
lawyers, managers or governmental agents, it is important to
understand the role of large multinational business enterprises.
Whether you are a federal law enforcement officer regulating MNCs, a
labor lawyer concerned about global trade issues or labor standards,
an environmental activist concerned about the role of MNCs with
respect to environmental policy, or you work as a manager or in-
house counselor for a major MNC, it is important for you to
understand the impact of MNCs on their stakeholders and the society
in a globalizing world, and the various attempts to regulate MNCs.

This course will start with cases illustrating MNCs� globalizing
strategies, and the implications of this globalizing process.  What
responsibilities do the increasingly powerful and outreaching MNCs
have to its stakeholders: consumers, employees, governments, the
environment, and the public? We will use specific cases to examine
the role of MNCs in perpetuating or alleviating some of the negative
consequences of globalization. Furthermore, we will study and
compare various proposals to define the social responsibilities of
MNCsFinally, through an evaluation report, you will choose a
publicly-held MNC to examine and incorporate your own research with
the readings below to evaluate how well your firm addresses its
social responsibilities in a globalizing world.

Class meeting:  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, GY 143


Instructor:  Haiyan Liu, criminal justice department