Criminal Justice-COLL | Law, Crime, and Justice in Russia
P474 | 13744 | Pridemore

The main objective of this course is to provide you with an
interdisciplinary understanding of law, crime, and justice in post-
Soviet Russia. We begin the semester by examining crime in Russia,
including patterns and causes of interpersonal violence, violence
against women and human trafficking, drug use, and ties between the
political and criminal elite. We then study how the executive,
legislative, and judicial branches of government are being
influenced by and influencing the forces of transition. This
includes discussions of the continuing dominance of the Russian
presidency, the Duma and Russian political parties, and judicial
reform. The last section of the course focuses on the Russian
criminal justice system, including juvenile justice, policing, and
the condition of Russian prisons.

Class meeting: Tuesday, 5:45-8:15

Instructor: Professor William Alex Pridemore, criminal justice