Criminal Justice-COLL | Police Use of Force
P493 | 26636 | Kapelsohn

This course will introduce the concepts of reasonable force and the
police "force continuum," from officer presence and verbal
direction, through physical restraint and control, to intermediate
force options and, ultimately, deadly force. We will read and
discuss leading U.S. Supreme Court cases on police use of force,
federal and state statutes, and law enforcement agency policies
regulating the use of force.  An introduction to basic tactics,
police use of force tools/weapons, and situational control will
expand the student's understanding of the "street" realities of
physical threat levels, time versus distance, and the limitations of
human perception and reaction time.  Scientific research into human
physiology, perceptual abilities and reactions to stress will be
discussed as an influence on police use of force policy and
practice.  Actual video footage of police using force, and
examination of several recent litigated police cases, will be used
to develop the student's appreciation of the interplay between
actual and perceived threat levels, human reactions, police tactics,
societal values and the legal system.

Class meeting:  Thursdays, 5:45-8:15

Instructor:  Emanuel Kapelsohn, criminal justice department