Classical Studies | Roman Literature in Translation
C360 | ALL | Bannon

CLAS-C 360  Roman Literature in Translation
Sections 26607, 28522 (Honors section) / Bannon

Both sections Intensive Writing. The citizen-soldier was a prominent
paradigm in Roman society. In literary accounts of war, Roman
writers work out their ideas about heroism and community, ethics and
politics. This section of Roman literature in translation will focus
on the literature of war, through a study of the works Caesar,
Sallust, Livy, and Vergil. We will consider the following questions:
What did Romans expect in a war narrative? What conventions shaped
their accounts of battles? How did accounts in prose differ from
those in poetry? Eyewitness accounts compared to historical
narratives? What did the Romans learn from the literature of war?
And what can we learn from Roman accounts about how to read war
reporting in modern sources?  (A&H, CSA)