Communication and Culture | Communication, Culture, and Social Formations (Topic: Mass Media in Other Cultures)
C314 | 26070 | Gershon, I.

MW, 11:15 AM-12:30 PM, 800 E. 3rd St. – room 203

Fulfills College S&H Requirement

Instructor: Ilana Gershon
Office: 800 E. 3rd St. – room 215
Phone: 856-3728

People are constantly talking about how media has changed the way we
communicate, that mass media has radically altered how communities
and nations are organized. In this class, we explore the assumptions
that equate media and cultural change. What is it about media that
has such a powerful effect on culture? This course will examine the
challenges that focusing on the mass media – including technologies,
production processes, content, and reception – present for studying
cultures.  The questions we will address include:

1. How do different communications media construct the boundaries of
communities and how “community” is defined?

2. How do different media technologies construct or transform class,
gender, and other power structures?

3. How does the introduction of new media into a culture transform
the experiences and conceptualization of time, space, society, and
the body?