Comparative Literature | Gender Roles in Popular Culture
C151 | 6102 | Laetitia Boccanfuso

This course is an introduction to popular culture. It means that we
will try to understand to what extent popular culture is more
complicated than what it seems. Throughout the semester, we will
explore and analyze literary and filmic fictions that belong to the
new “chick” culture. To do so, we are going to focus on specific
concepts that are going to help us to make more sense of the texts.
We will see that many contradictory interpretations of these texts
exist and that these different interpretations are due to the
contradictions inherent to popular texts. We will analyze the texts
as representations of gender roles and of cultural hierarchies in
society. We will see if they may be read as a potential alternative
discourse about society and cultural texts such as consumption,
fashion, food, magazines and more. Our aim is to be able to make a
textual analysis of a written text, of a visual text, or of a
cultural text. We also have a comparative perspective. We are going
to compare different texts and see what this kind of perspective may