Comparative Literature | Romance and the Western Tradition
C219 | 11161 | J. Whyde

MW  1:00-2:15

This class will examine one of history’s most enduring modes of
literature: the romance. Readings will begin with classical texts and
will follow the romance through the development of the western
literary tradition, ending with a speculation on the existence of the
romance in literature today. While we will explore romance as a genre
of “love,” our approach will focus on generic conventions that expand
far beyond this recurring motif.  The course will utilize painting,
film, and literary texts. Students will learn to identify the various
attributes of the genre, and will learn to critique many diverse texts
within this framework.

Major course work will include two papers, four short writing
assignments and a final.

Possible authors and/or literary texts: The “Song of Songs,” Ovid, St.
John of the Cross, Marie de France, Chretian de Troyes, Tennyson, the
Brownings, Edgar Allen Poe, The Maltese Falcon, Possession.