Comparative Literature | Special Topics in Comparative Literature: Cosmopolitans and Refugees
C301 | 13158 | Prof. A. Adesokan

MW 2:30-3:45
fulfills A&H and CS requirements

This is a topic course in literary interpretation for students
interested in the study of contemporary literature. During the course
of the semester we will base our comparative readings of literary
texts—fiction, nonfiction, drama, and poetry—on the relationships
between well-heeled or well-placed intellectuals with opportunities
for travel and cultural judgment (cosmopolitans) and economic or
political refugees. Are the relationships simply a matter of social
inequality? What are the connections between political solidarity,
humanitarian activism and immigration laws? What roles do these issues
play in emergence of new communities (like the Lost Boys of Sudan in
the US) or the success of a number of carefully selected postcolonial
writers? Texts include Dave Eggers’ What is the What, Caryl Phillips’s
The Atlantic Sound, David Hare’s Map of the World, Jamaica Kincaid’s
Lucy, and Jeremy Harding’s The Uninvited.