Comparative Literature | Special Topics in Comparative Literature: Medieval Devotional Lit. of India
C301 | 28683 | Prof. R. Manring

TR 1:00-2:15
satisfies COLL A & H and Culture Studies A distribution

The devotional literatures of India have remained popular for
centuries.  Cutting across religious boundaries, from brief lyrical
poems to longer allegories, the material presents us with a wide range
of views of the Divine, and can help us to appreciate the richness and
diversity of Indian civilization and culture.  We'll read works by
such writers as Antal (South Indian woman poet); Kabir (from North
India; his followers still can't agree on whetherhe was Muslim or
Hindu!); Mirabai (Rajasthani princess-devotee of
Krishna); Jayadeva (whose composition on the love between Radha and
Krishna scandalized some); and others.

Students interested in a particular medieval devotional author
(whether or not s/he is officially on the syllabus) will have the
opportunity to pursue that interest.

Other resources we'll use include:
- recorded versions of many of these        pieces
- devotional films
- contemporary Bollywood (Hindi popular cinema)

As we study Indian esthetic theory and the various devotional
traditions, students will participate in classroom discussions
designed to assist them to complete a series of increasingly complex
assignments, culminating in a final paper exploring some of the
questions the devotional literature raises.

This class meets with R352, C645, I371 and I571