Comparative Literature | Comparative Approaches to Literature: Theory and Method
C305 | 6105 | Prof. Angela Pao

TR 2:30-3:45
carries A&H credit
*required for CMLT majors*

Like most humanities disciplines, Comparative Literature has enriched
its critical practice by integrating recent theoretical perspectives
into its core program.  We will rub key concepts of critical theory
such as textuality and history, intertextuality, critique of master
narratives, deconstruction, and others against more traditional
approaches that continue to be profitable to comparatists.  We will
focus on the ways the analysis of narrative structures in prose texts
and models of performance have proven particularly productive for
projects that compare cultural discourses across the spectrum of the arts.

We will be reading selected theoretical texts and relating the
theories to the following literary works:  Shakespeare’s Othello,
Honoré de Balzac’s Sarrasine, Manuel Puig’s Kiss of the Spider Woman,
and short dramatic works by Samuel Beckett.

Requirements include a mid-term exam, a 7-8 page paper, and a final
take-home exam.

Pre-requisite: C205 or permission of the instructor.