College of Arts and Sciences | Leadership: Body, Mind, and Spirit (A&H) (3 cr.)
S103 | 11511 | & 11512 Pugh

11511 1:00 PM  2:15 PM TR
11512 2:30 PM  3:45 PM TR
NOTE: This class is open to ALL freshmen and does not carry Honors

To many, Aspen connotes skiing, celebrities, and the rich. But what
is really fascinating and worthy of study is the confluence of
thought, creativity, and action which became known as the Aspen
Idea. The concept was a cultural renaissance predicated on a
philosophy of fusing and unifying mind, spirit and body. Men from
the Army's Tenth Mountain Division returned after World War II to
develop recreational skiing. Faculty from the University of Chicago
brought the Great Books and founded the Aspen Institute as a place
to explore and develop leadership. Interaction with the majestic
physical surroundings forged a spirit of individual centeredness and
peak performance. Though different today than originally envisioned,
the Aspen Idea still provides lessons in vision, leadership, and
personal success. The goal of this seminar is to identify principles
of leadership from the Aspen experience and to permit each
participant to develop a personal leadership plan and foundation for