College of Arts and Sciences | Biology of Cancer (N&M) (3 cr.)
S105 | 14533 | Bender

2:30 PM – 3:45 PM TR

This course is an opportunity to improve the following abilities,
which the Association of American Colleges and Universities
calls “Essential Learning Outcomes”:

---Inquiry and analysis
---Critical and creative thinking
---Written and oral communication
---Quantitative literacy
---Information literacy
---Teamwork and problem solving

The general topic of this course is cancer research.  A main goal of
your inquires about this topic will be similar to the main goal of
research conducted by scientists:  to make discoveries.  However,
whereas scientists seek to make discoveries that are new to
humanity, you will work to make discoveries that are new to you,
particularly discoveries that represent breakthroughs in figuring
out things that you had struggled to make sense of.

Below are elements of inquiry that you will do continually
throughout the course:

--- Identify an area of cancer research that genuinely interests you
--- Identify things that are puzzling and that are challenging for
you to make sense of concerning that area of research
--- Come up with questions that help bring into focus and define
what is confusing
--- Come up with ideas about possible answers to your questions
--- Consider what information would help you to judge the validity
of each of your most important ideas
--- Consider what (and if any) resources might provide information
of the sort that you desire, and then seek the desired information
--- Work to make sense of and to assess the information that you
find.  (Doing this is likely to lead to further confusions,
questions, and ideas.)
--- Collaborate with others to do all of the above

Required Text:  To gain a general introduction to cancer, you will
read the book “One in Three: A Son’s Journey into the History and
Science of Cancer.”  For your independent inquiries, you will seek
out and use a variety of resources, including review and research

Typical Weekly Assignments: You will conduct independent inquiry
throughout the semester.  All of the homework assignments will
involve writing, and much class time will be devoted to small-group

Exams/Papers:  There will be frequent writing assignments, but no
exams.  About 70% of the course grade will be based on homework
assignments, and the rest will be based on in-class activities.