Cultural Studies | Special Topics in Cultural Studies: Reading the Text
C701 | 11607 | Simons

Many of the disciplines in the humanities, including rhetorical
analysis and criticism, rely on honed skills of close readings of a
variety of texts. This seminar aims to develop studentsí skills of
close reading by focusing on two books which are frequently returned
to in the humanities and about which a good deal of secondary
commentary has been written, some of which will also be studied. The
two texts are Nietzscheís Genealogy of Morality and Michel Foucaultís
Discipline and Punish.  The texts will be read with attention to style
and poetics as well as the logic of argument, form as well as content.
The text will also be considered in its context, understood as a
rhetorical intervention in an intellectual dialogue. In assessments,
students will practice explication, historical contextualization,
stylistic analysis and critical engagement.