Cultural Studies | Special Topics in Cultural Studies: Twentieth Century Africa
C701 | 15325 | Hanson

This course focuses on developments in twentieth century Africa,
especially transformations associated with European colonial rule and
its aftermath. Major sub-themes include: colonial institutions and
African intermediaries, abolition of slavery, construction of
ethnicities, urbanization, religious and cultural transformations,
nationalist movements, and other topics. The aim is to read widely in
the historical literature on twentieth century Africa.

Participants are expected to discuss common readings with insight and
vigor. They also must complete several short written and oral
assignments. Most assignments are commentaries on the readings: they
should identify key conceptual issues and discuss illustrative
examples. The final written project can be an essay on a topic related
to one’s dissertation research, an annotated bibliography with a
course syllabus, or another relevant project selected in consultation
with the instructor.

This course meets simultaneously with HIST H795, a research seminar
focusing on Africa in the twentieth century. H795 students will
participate in discussions and make presentations based on their
research projects.