East Asian Languages and Cultures | East Asia, An Introduction
E100 | ALL | Eno, R,

3 credits
This class is for undergraduate students only
This class  carries culture studies credit and COLL A&H distribution

This course is a selective survey of the traditional and
contemporary cultures of the East Asian nations: China, Japan, and
Korea.  There are no course prerequisites, students are not expected
to have any prior knowledge of these countries.

Since the 1980s, the economic power and political influence of the
countries of East Asia have grown at a far faster rate than in any
other area of the world, and it has become common for business
people and journalists to speak of the 21st century as the Pacific
Century, anticipating the growing global roles of these countries.
It is imperative for Americans to better understand the peoples and
cultures of this region of the world.  In the coming decades,
Americans who do not have a basic understanding of East Asia will be
as handicapped as East Asians without a basic understanding of the

In this course, we will balance a survey of the traditional cultural
histories of China, Japan, and Korea with their modern
transformations and contemporary trends.  We will begin by examining
some philosophical and religious underpinnings common to much of the
region  the teachings of Confucianism, Daoism, and Buddhism 
explore the cultures of literati elite and samurai warriors, read
poems, stories, and diaries that record the thoughts and feelings of
people living far from us in place and time.  In examining the
modern transformations of each country, we will see both the
revolutionary impact of the West and the resilience of traditional
cultural patterns in the development of contemporary social and
political structures.

Course requirements will include short homework assignments, several
brief reflective essays (about 2-3 pages in length), two quizzes,
and midterm and final exams.