East Asian Languages and Cultures | Traditional Chinese Literature: From Antiquity to the 13th Century
E331 | 26231 | Luo, M.

3 credits
No prior knowledge of Chinese language is required.

This course can be used to fulfill requirements for the major in
This course carries Culture Studies credit.
This course carries COLL A&H distribution credit
Open to undergraduate students only

This course introduces students to traditional Chinese literature,
one of the world’s most longstanding literary heritages, from its
origins to the 13th century. We will explore the various roles of
literature in traditional Chinese society, in which “wen,” the
Chinese term for literature, was accorded a special place because,
in its original meaning, it referred to the magical power of written
words to capture the essence of the world. Emphasis will be placed
on understanding the social and cultural milieu of important writers
and genres so that our exploration of China’s literary past also
becomes an opportunity to understand the development of Chinese
civilization. Special attention will be given to training students
to read the texts carefully and thoughtfully, skills essential to
the growth of intellectual minds. All readings are in English and
classes will combine lecture and discussion.