English | Literatures in English to 1600
E301 | 6963 | Shannon Gayk

Shannon Gayk

9:05a-9:55a MWF (30 students) 3 cr. A&H.

Open to majors and declared minors only.

TOPIC: “Literary Visions: Sacred and Profane”

This course provides an introduction to early English literature.
Rather than studying English literature before 1600 chronologically,
we will progress thematically, with the course divided into three
units: romantic visions, supernatural visions, and utopian visions.
In each unit we will consider how early English literature might
represent, challenge, or reimagine the social world. In class
discussions we will examine medieval attitudes about romantic love,
how humans position themselves in relation to the unknown or
supernatural, and ideas about the reformation of social institutions
such as the government and the church.  We will use an anthology,
but texts to be considered will include Beowulf, Old English
eligies, The Romance of the Rose, medieval lyrics, Sir Gawain and
the Green Knight,selections from The Canterbury Tales, medieval
mystical writings, More's Utopia, and Shakespeare's Sonnets. Course
requirements include daily attendance and participation in
discussion, several short writing assignments, two papers, and
midterm and final exams.