English | Literature for Young Adults
L391 | 13707 | Bob Bledsoe

Bob Bledsoe

1:25p-2:15p TR (30 students) 3 cr.  A&H.

L391 is an upper division literature course designed to explore
books written for or about young adults.  The emphasis will be on
fiction, both contemporary and a few of the canonical works.  Topics
will include the role of the orphan in young adult narratives; fairy
tales and magic; myth, fantasy, and the imagination in adolescent
life. This course will pose many questions, including: What role
does the imagination play in adolescent development? How can
literature impact the way adolescents approach and participate in
society? What role does, can and should literature play in growing
up?  The reading list will be ambitious.  Expect a term paper, a
research paper, quizzes, and a lively discussion of books.