English | Introductory Creative Writing
W103 | 7030 | Maura Stanton

Maura Stanton

7030	2:30p-3:20p	M	(126 students) 3 cr.

7031	11:15a-12:05p 	WF	(18 students)
7032	12:20p-1:10p	WF	(18 students)
11701	12:20p-1:10p	WF	(18 students)
7033	1:25p-2:15p	WF	(18 students)
10964	1:25p-2:15p	WF	(18 students)
7034	2:30p-3:20p	WF	(18 students)
7035	2:30p-3:20p	WF	(18 students)

This course is designed to help students write their own poems and
stories, as well as provide insight into the way that literature is
created by individual writers working within or against a
tradition.  The class will meet as a large group on most Mondays for
lectures about the elements of poetry and fiction, in class
exercises, poetry and fiction readings, and tests.  The two weekly
section meetings will allow you to work closely with other writers
in a small group.  Texts will include anthologies of poetry and
fiction and collections of poetry and fiction by individual writers.

NOTE: This course does not satisfy the English composition