English | Projects in Reading & Writing: The Legacy of the Medieval in Modern Culture
W170 | 7143 | Erwin

<b>ENG W170-7143<p>TOPIC: The Legacy of Medieval in Modern
Culture<p>MWF    9:04a-9:55a     BH 246<p>INSTRUCTOR: B.
Erwin<p></b>In this course, we will examine the complex variety of
ways in which our ideas about Western modernity are shaped by our
notion of the Middle Ages as a distant moment in our cultural
history. Our readings will focus primarily on scholarly articles and
book chapters, but will also include one novel and some short
poetry. Our papers will respond to these readings, but will also
incorporate analysis of other cultural artifacts we examine,
including films, radio programs, websites, video games, and exhibits
at the Lilly Library. Our investigations will be guided by the
inquiry question: what do we seek to gain for our modern sense of
self when we invoke the Middle Ages in a particular way?<p>In the
course of pursuing our inquiry, we will also work to develop skills
for analytical writing, reading, and thinking. W170 fulfills the
English Composition requirement; therefore, our sequence of readings
and writings will not only introduce you to some key modes of
argumentation you wil encounter as you continue your college career,
but will also help you to develop the skills necessary for success
in your future written work.