English | The Craft of Poetry
W383 | 26277 | Alyce Miller

Alyce Miller

PREREQUISITE:  W203 or W303 or permission of the Director of
Creative Writing.

5:45p-7:00p TR (25 students) 3 cr.

This course is designed for students who are actively engaged in the
writing of poetry and who are both familiar and comfortable with
workshop and peer-discussion format.  Though this course will not
involve formal workshops, you will be asked to read some of your
work aloud in class, and peers and instructor will respond. In this
class, we will focus on various craft elements used in both the
process of creation and the process of revision, and all creative
work will be generated from exercises. Some will end up as poems,
some not. To help us along, we   will read and discuss both
traditional and contemporary poetry, likely starting with Aform,@
and specifically addressing line, rhythm, meter, rhyme, voice,
image, etc. There will be both out-of-class and in-class exercises,
short response papers, and memorization.  Preparation requires not
just reading the assignments, but being able to engage meaningfully
in class discussions.  Class participation, is so important that
memorization, in-class exercises, response papers, and pop quizzes
will constitute about a third of the final grade.  Written
assignments, including formal out-of-class exercises and the poems
they generate, will make up about another third.  There will likely
be two exams, one at midterm and one at the end of the semester, for
the final third. These exams will cover the readings, as well as
terms. Because of the self-generating nature of creative writing
classes, regular attendance is mandatory, and all work must always
be turned in on the due date.  We will likely use either a standard
poetry anthology and/or a book on poetry craft.  Some materials may
be placed on e-reserve.

Please note: there will be a first-day assignment which will be sent
around to your IU email addresses about a week or two before class
begins.  Be sure to check so you can arrive prepared for our first

To obtain permission, send an e-mail to almiller@indiana.edu.