English | Advanced Poetry Writing
W403 | 7187 | Maurice Manning

Maurice Manning

PREREQUISITE:  W303.  Permission of instructor.

11:15a-12:30p TR (15 students) 3 cr.

While this will be a conventional poetry writing workshop, some of
the assignments and semester-long discussion will investigate the
fact that a common mode of expression in contemporary American
poetry is an odd, lyric-narrative hybrid.  Many contemporary poems
tell partial stories, following a narrative line far enough until
the poet discovers a pool of lyricism in the woods and jumps in.
Two elements of poetic craft, in particular, contribute to the
creation of this hybrid mode: imagery and lineation, in other words,
features which come from inside and outside the poem.  Are lyricism
and narrative forever blurred together?  Can a poet today compose a
strictly lyric or strictly narrative poem?  We shall see.  To fuel
our conversation we’ll read Tony Hoagland’s excellent collection of
essays on contemporary poetry and poetic craft, Real Sofistikashun,
as well as Best American Poetry 2008.  This course is capped at 15
students.  Enrollment in the course requires the instructor’s

To obtain permission, send an e-mail to maumanni@indiana.edu.