English | Writing Fiction 2
W612 | 7189 | Ardizzone

W612  7189  ARDIZZONE
Writing Fiction 2

2:30p  5:30 p R


Writing fiction involves a process which is best learned by
encouraging students to follow a series of steps: write and revise
to the best of their abilities, submit the work for discussion and
review by a critical yet supportive group of their peers, listen to
the group and the course instructor constructively discuss the work
during workshop session, review the returned line-edited manuscripts
and critiques, meet with the instructor in private conference, and
then return to the act of writing and revising.  60-65 pages of
work, which may include significant revisions of previously written
work, will be required of each student over the semester; students
will also be required to read and to respond to the other fiction
submitted to the workshop.  Students may submit short stories,
novellas, or excerpts from novels for workshop discussion.  Copies
of each manuscript will be returned to the writer, fully critiqued
by the other students as well as the instructor.  Students will also
read, discuss, and write brief analyses of the short stories in the
two required course texts.

Recommended reading prior to the beginning of the semester:  The Art
of Fiction, by John Gardner; and Writing in General and the Short
Story in Particular, by Rust Hills.

Required texts: TBA

All fiction writers currently enrolled in the MFA in Creative
Writing Program are automatically admitted to the workshop.  Once
these students have been placed, any remaining openings may be given
to applicants from outside the program.  Interested students should
email the instructor at ardizzon@indiana.edu..