Fine Arts | Medieval Sculpture
A329 | 25730 | Holly Silvers

First eight weeks class:
While the painting and text of medieval manuscripts appealed to a
mostly literate class of people, the sculpture of the West
in the middle ages -- much of it public-- spoke in more general terms
to broader audiences, many of whom did not have the
ability to read (or read things very differently than we do today).
In this course, we will explore the manufacture, use, and historical
context of sculpture of the medieval West, from the
detailed, portable works in metal and ivory of the Carolingian age to
the rebirth of monumental sculpture on Romanesque
and Gothic cathedrals to the graphically grotesque transi-tombs of the
post-plague era.
We will discuss stylistic traits, iconography, and symbolism and how
these indicate period and nationality. In addition,
we will explore pertinent topics and themes in the history of the
middle ages that helped guide the production and
appearance of medieval sculpture, both for public and private consumption.
There will be two exams, a short writing assignment, and multiple
in-class exercises.