Fine Arts | American Art to 1913
A345 | 25709 | Laura Smith

This survey will introduce major themes in the art and culture of the
United States from its indigenous beginnings up to the Armory Show in
1913.  While many histories of American Art begin with the arrival of
European settlers to the North American continent and focus on their
aesthetic accomplishments, this course considers the experiences and
visual expressions of all of the major cultural groups that inhabited
the lands now known as the United States.  Thus, rather than presuming
there to be a singular North American story of art, we will examine
American art through a collection of histories and issues, allowing
for multiple voices and visions to be studied.  Using Frances Pohlís
Framing America: A Social History of American Art (2002) as our guide,
we will examine architecture, painting, sculpture, textiles, and
photography, as well as some ceramics and prints with several purposes
in mind: first, to determine how the production, use, and
dissemination of art works and the identity of the artist constructs
the meaning of the objects; and second, to consider how artistic
identity is affected by race, ethnicity, religion or spiritual world
view, class, gender, and sexuality.  Third, we will also trace the
place of art within various struggles for power in both the public and
private realms.