Fine Arts | Art of Sub-Saharan Africa1: Art of Africa's Western Sudan
A435 | 25706 | Patrick McNaughton

Undergraduate students section:
For some 2000 years the great savannah lands and river systems of the
Western Sudan have been home to some of the most interesting and
significant developments in human history.  Smallpox inoculation was
invented there.  Enormous states and empires grew and thrived.  Long
distance commerce in its entire complex infrastructure became
compellingly important and sophisticated.  And through all this ART
wove its way into virtually every important aspect of social life.  In
the beginning it was spectacular clay sculpture.  More recently it has
been tremendously dramatic (and often huge) horizontal helmet masks.

This class will examine some 3000 miles of art terrain over two
millennia and across numerous culture areas, while trying to suggest
how art moved so dynamically in this vast space and what that says
about the nature of artistry and visual culture.