Fine Arts | Topics in Modern Art: Problems in 19th & 20th Century European Art, Art and Identity
A645 | 13248 | Michelle Facos

National identity has become a hot topic in art history.  This seminar
will examine theories of national, ethnic, and other identity
formation as well as nationalism and how these relate to art.  The
course is divided into three sections: theoretical texts, art
historical texts, and individual research reports. . We will read the
standard texts on national identity, available from the Friends of Art
Bookshop. These include: Hutchinson & Smith, Nationalism, Anthony
Smith, National Identity, Benedict Anderson, Imagined Communities,
E.J. Hobsbawn, Nations and Nationalism Since 1780, Lowenthal, The Past
is a Foreign Country. In addition, we will read chapters from
Nationalism in the Visual Arts (available from Friends of Art) and Art
and Culture and National Identity in Fin-de-Siecle Europe edited by
myself and Sharon Hirsh. Students are encouraged to pursue research
topics in their own areas of interest.