French and Italian | Italian Theater Workshop
M435 | 28448 | Ryan-Scheutz, Colleen

This full-immersion workshop experience is open to students of all
levels of Italian who have completed the M100-M250 sequence (or
equivalent) or by permission of the instructor. Students will read
and explore a variety of theatrical texts before focusing on the
full-scale production of one authentic play by an Italian author.
Students can have both acting and non-acting roles (stage managers,
set designers, costumes, and publicity, web design, photography and
video technician, sound and lighting design) in the final
production. All classes, rehearsals, assignments and communications
will take place in Italian. NOTE: All students must attend a
preliminary meeting/audition, even those interested in non-acting
roles. Students should sign up for a time slot on Dec. 2 or 3 (3:30-
5:30 pm). Contact Prof. Ryan-Scheutz (