Global Village Living-Learning Center | Introduction to Persian Theatre
G300 | 32134 | Farrokh-Hekmat, Nasrin

3cr.) (A&H) (TR) (1:00 - 2:15 pm) Farrokh-Hekmat, Nasrin.  In this
course we will explore the fascinating and mysterious folkloric
origins, and the dual roots of the art of drama in the ancient
Persia (Iran): The Passion Plays �Ta�azieh�, and the secular
comedies: �The Black plays�, The �Over the Pond� comedies, and the
puppet shows. Then we will also study the essentials of acting,
focusing on the preparation for the performance of a one act Persian
play, to be premiered in US or at least in this part of the country
for the first time. We will study and research the condition of life
and the socio-political influences on the creation of our
contemporary play, which would be performed twice for the public as
the culmination of our workshop. Note:  this course is being joint-
listed with NELC-N306.  This course meets 2nd 8 wks only.

NOTE: No acting/theatre experience required