Gender Studies | Issues in Gender Studies: Ancient Women
G302 | 11093 | Pyburn, A

This is a course on the history of human beings. For much of the
history of western thought, the study of people has been the study
of MAN; this was not an inclusive history. Although it has always
been stated that the term MANKIND refers to all people, in practice
it never has. Any time women or children were included in a study or
a history, they were identified as being included. Studies
purporting to investigate humans were all investigations of the
lives and doings of men, or at least what people thought pertained
to men. The study of MANKIND has also always been the study of
heterosexual men; like the lives of women, people of alternative
gender identities were considered irrelevant or as deviations from
the “norm” with no relation to the history of MANKIND.