Gender Studies | Issues in Gender Studies: Gender & Sexuality in Black Culture
G302 | 29461 | Bailey, M

In general, this seminar examines how gender, sexuality, and race,
as intersecting vectors of power, shape the daily lives of Black
people in the United States and abroad.  From the representations of
the disproportionate impact of HIV/AIDS on Black communities
throughout the globe to Janet Jackson’s, seemingly, unintentional
breast exposure on primetime television, clearly, there is a
universal preoccupation with the gender and sexual practices,
relations and identities of Black people.  Yet, there has been scant
critical engagement with issues confronting Black people as it
relates to gender, sexuality, race, and culture.  Therefore, in this
seminar, we will take up these concerns by interrogating the
structured, and often inextricable, forms of oppression such as
racism/white supremacy, class stratification, patriarchy, and
heteronormativity, and the specific material realities that they
produce for Black people.  Through course materials and
lecture/discussions, we examine discourses, categories, and
identities of gender and sexuality by situating them within a
socio/cultural context of blackness.