Spanish and Portuguese | Modern Catalan Literature
C550 | 14290 | E. Illas

Professor Edgar Illas

C550 	Modern Catalan Literature
TR 11:15am – 12:30pm/section# 14290/3cr/BH 237

Modern Catalan literature constitutes an extraordinary cultural
event that, for multiple reasons, has remained marginal amidst the
great European literary traditions. Catalan literature and language
have played a central role in the political re-emergence of
Catalonia as “a nation without a state.” Given these historical
conditions, the Catalan literary tradition is a particularly
productive space to explore the always puzzling relations between
literature and politics.

The course will survey the panorama of Catalan literature from the
nineteenth century to the present moment. Readings will exemplify
all important periods (Renaixença, modernisme, noucentisme,
avantguarda, postguerra, postmodernitat) and will include novels,
short stories, poetry and plays.We will focus on a good number of
female writers. Catalan women writers are especially significant,
not only because of their literary value, but perhaps also because,
as poet Maria Mercè Marçal put it, they often write subjugated in
three main ways: as women, as writers in a minority language, and as
members of the working classes. We will also read various general
reflections on the task of culture in Catalonia.

The course will be taught in Catalan. Students who have not taken
Catalan should seek the consent of the instructor. There will be a
mid-term and a final exam. Graduate students will present a term

This course is offered jointly with C450.