Spanish and Portuguese | Camões
P655 | 26647 | E. Vieira

Professor Estela Vieira

P655	Camões
Topic: Luís de Camões and 16th-Century Portugal

TR 4:00pm – 5:15pm/section# 26647/3cr/BH 331

This course is a study of Portugal’s most renowned Renaissance poet,
Luís de Camões (1524-1580). We will initially focus on "Os
Lusíadas", one of the last great Western epics first published in
1572. We will explore the historical and mythological context which
will inform our analysis of Camões’s dramatic narration of Vasco de
Gama’s voyage to India. The second half of the course will focus on
Camões’s rich lyrical compositions, which are often compared to the
poetry of Dante, Petrarch, and Shakespeare. While Camões is a
product of the Renaissance tradition and of European expansion his
work also deviates from and critiques his dynamic historical moment.
By emphasizing foremost love and experience Camões suggests that our
empirical and affective lives intertwine with the writing of epic
poetry and the development of political empire. Like his
compatriots, Camões discovers new meanings and new ways of
understanding the world, both his Western civilization and the new
worlds he encounters. The course is taught in Portuguese, but
students not working toward a major or minor in Portuguese are
welcome to do the reading and the writing assignments in English or