Spanish and Portuguese | The Hispanic World I
S331 | 7803 | Professor Kathleen Myers

HISP –S 331   The Hispanic World I  (3 credits)
Prerequisite:  S310 or equivalent

Credit given for only two of the following:  S331, S332, S333

This course provides an introduction to a wide range of 20th century
Spanish American cultural texts. We will explore the relationship
between an author’s ideas, writings, and world view, through the
development of analytical and critical tools for the understanding
of narrative strategies, use of poetic language, and dramatic
techniques. Course requirements include active daily reading &
assignments, two exams, and a term paper.

HISP-S 331  #7803  2:30P-3:45P TR  Room=TBA   Prof. Kathleen Myers

Note:  Above class open to Hutton Honors College students only.
This class meets jointly with another section of HISP-S 331, #26388