Spanish and Portuguese | The Hispanic World II
S332 | 26398 | Professor J. Javier Puerto

HISP-S 332  The Hispanic World II  (3 credits)
Prerequisite:  S331 or equivalent

Credit given for only two of the following:  S331, S332, S333

S332 is an introduction to the study of literature with an emphasis
on texts from the Iberian Peninsula and their impact on, and
relation with the cultures and literatures of the rest of Europe,
the Mediterranean world, and the Americas. The course sequence is
structured around thematic units which we will be exploring
chronologically. Each week, several texts belonging to the same
artistic period (narrative prose, poetry (including song), drama
(including feature and documentary films) will be assigned and
discussed in class so that, through literary analysis, you will
improve your abilities as a reader and develop your Spanish language
skills through class discussion, oral presentations and written
compositions. We will explore social, cultural, economic, and moral
issues as seen in these representative works from across the
centuries so you will also be required to do extensive historical
and cultural background reading of your own. The course grade will
be based on class participation, exams, numerous brief writing
assignments, and an oral interview. The course will be conducted
entirely in Spanish.  A compilation of all the texts required for
this class will be available via a course pack. No further texts are
required for this class.

HISP-S 332   #26398   11:15A-12:05P   MWF   Room=TBA
Professor J. Javier Puerto