Spanish and Portuguese | SPAIN: The Cultural Context
S411 | 7807 | Professor Edgar Illas

HISP-S 411  SPAIN:  The Cultural Context  (3 credits)	CULTURE
Prerequisite:  S331 or equivalent

“The Making of Global Spain”

This course focuses on the insertion of Spain into the new
global order by examining the links between culture, politics and
the economy in the contemporary period, beginning with the Civil War
(1936-1939) but focusing especially on the post-Francoist years
(1975 to present). We will examine literary works, movies, music,
and essays in their relation to the constraints imposed by Franco’s
dictatorship and to the subsequent process of democratization. We
will also analyze this political process in relation to the economic
re-structuring of Spain during the second half of the century in its
three main modes: as a key destination for global tourists, as a
site for investments of multi-national companies, and as a
destination for many non-European immigrants searching for better
work conditions. The goal of the course is to explore the various
forms in which culture is embedded in these historical changes.

HISP-S 411 #7807 9:30A-10:45A TR  Room=TBAProfessor Edgar Illas
Note:  This course carries culture studies credit.