Spanish and Portuguese | Don Quijote
S450 | 26426 | Professor Alina Sokol

HISP-S 450  DON QUIJOTE  (3 credits)               LITERATURE
Prerequisite:  S331 and S332 or equivalent

This seminar offers an introduction to Miguel de Cervantesís DON
QUIJOTE through a close reading of the novel within its historical
and literary framework. We will examine the interplay between
Cervantesís masterpiece and other literary genres (including the
chivalric romance, the picaresque novel, and the pastoral novel),
while also considering the book vis-ŗ-vis both socio-economic and
political context of Golden Age Spain, as well as such issues as
self-consciousness in literature, the emergence of baroque
aesthetics, and the rise of modern sensibility. The course will be
conducted in Spanish.

Midterm Exam					        20%
Final Exam						25%
Written assignments					30%
Class participation/Attendance/Preparation		25%

HISP-S 450 #26426 12:20P-1:10P MWF Room=TBA   Professor Alina Sokol