Spanish and Portuguese | Theory and Criticism
S512 | 26430 | P. Dove

Professor Patrick Dove

S512	Theory and Criticism

TR 9:30am – 10:45am/section#26430/3cr/BH 321

This course provides an introduction to literary theory and the
history of literary criticism, with a dual emphasis on: (1) becoming
familiar with the major questions, debates, trends and schools of
20th century and contemporary literary theory; and (2) exploring how
theoretical questions and perspectives can inform our reading
practices. Theoretical readings will be drawn from a variety of
traditions, including Marxism and post-Marxism, Freudian and
Lacanian psychoanalysis, feminism, deconstruction and other
variations on post-structuralist thought. We will submit each
theoretical text to a “hands-on” treatment by reading it in
conjunction with a specific literary work (short story, poem or
novel fragment). The course will be structured in seminar format
with each student responsible for leading one class session in
collaboration with the professor. Students will write several short
response papers and a longer final research paper.