Spanish and Portuguese | Colonial Spanish American Literature
S558 | 26431 | A. Myers

Professor Kathleen Myers

S558	Colonial Spanish American Literature

TR 1:00pm  2:15pm/class# 26431/3cr./Lilly Library

Through a study of the most canonical texts of Colonial Spanish
American literature this course will focus on the issues involved in
the development of colonial discourse and on theories that help
elucidate its dynamic.  The first section of the course will examine
the role of the chronicles during the first century and a half of
the colonization process.  In particular, we will examine the
transformation of historical discourse into narratives of power and
resistance.  The second section of the course will focus on poetic
discourse and its role in the colony and in the formation of
a "barroco de Indias".  As an extension of this work on primary
texts from the period, students will do archival research on first-
editions and manuscript materials at the Lilly Library.  We will
read narratives by Columbus, Cortes, Las Casas, El Inca Garcilaso,
Guaman Poma, Catalina de Erauso and poetry by Ercilla, Balbuena, Sor

Theoretical readings will include works by early modern authors,
such as Juan Luis Vives and Luis de Cabarera, and more recent
scholars, such as Homi Bhabha and Michel Foucault.

Presentations, response papers, and a final paper will be required.