Spanish and Portuguese | Topics in Linguistic Variation and Language in Context
S612 | 14325 | C. Félix-Brasdefer

Professor Cesar Félix-Brasdefer

S612	Topics in Linguistic Variation and Language in Context
Topic: Data Collection Methods for Linguistics Research

TR 1:00pm – 2:15pm/section# 14325/3cr./WH 203

The aim of this course is to expose advanced graduate students to
the literature on data collection methods for linguistics research.
Course topics will include: analysis of data collection instruments,
sampling techniques, ethics and institutional review, descriptive
and inferential statistics, and analysis and interpretation of the

Particular attention will be given to data collection instruments
used in experimental and quasi-experimental research. We will also
examine the notions of validity and reliability with regard to data
obtained from instruments that elicit production and perception data
in controlled and naturalistic contexts. We will review the
techniques used in ethnographic and case study research to collect
different types of data sets for specific purposes. Due to its
current popularity, we will examine the effectiveness of techniques
used to collect perception data by means of verbal reports
(retrospective and think-aloud protocols), Likert scales, multiple-
choice questionnaires, and open-ended questions. We will examine
techniques for data collection in different contexts, such as in
urban and rural areas of Latin America and in institutional settings
in the US. Based on the students’ research interests, we will
critically assess the method employed in selected research studies,
examine the content of the review of the literature that motivate
the method, look at the rationale of a pilot study, refine the
instrument(s) selected, and analyze and interpret the data in light
of the theoretical model used. Evaluation includes active class
participation, state of the art review and critique of two
instruments, written critiques, and a research project with a focus
on method.