Spanish and Portuguese | Topics in Modern Spanish Literature
S638 | 26434 | M. Bieder

Professor Maryellen Bieder

S638	Topics in Modern Spanish Literature
Topic: The Problematic Emergence of Bourgeois Culture in 19th-
Century Spain: Culture, Theory, Criticism

W 4:00pm – 6:30pm/section# 26434/3cr/BH 235

A close reading and class discussion of the two masterpieces of 19th-
century Spanish realism "Fortunata y Jacinta" and "La Regenta", plus
a novel by Emilia Pardo Bazán, "Memorias de un solterón" in the
context of current theories of cultural criticism, Spanish
nationalism, and recent critical approaches to each novel. These
novels track the shifting class formations from landed aristocracy
and provincial middle class, through gradations of urban middle
classes to the new urban administrative, commercial and
entrepreneurial classes and the newly created titles of nobility.
Emphasis on the historico-cultural context, forms of cultural
production, and gender construction.

Core critical readings will be available as scanned attachments or
through e-reserves.

One 15-20 page final essay with footnotes and bibliography using
current MLA format.

The following editions are the ones we will use in class.


1884-1885. "La Regenta". 2 tomos. Leopoldo Alas. Castalia: AClásicos
Castalia,@ 2000. Edición de Gonzalo Sobejano

1886-1887. "Fortunata y Jacinta". 2 tomos. Benito Pérez Galdós.
Cátedra: ALetras Hispánicas,@ 2006. Edición de Francisco Caudet

1896. "Memorias de un solterón", Emilia Pardo Bazán. Cátedra,
ALetras Hispánicas.@ Edición de María Ángeles Ayala