Spanish and Portuguese | Themes in Hispanic Linguistics
S712 | 13249 | J. C. Clements

Professor J. Clancy Clements

S712	Themes in Hispanic Linguistics
Topic: The Romance languages in contact with other languages

M 6:30pm  9:00pm/section#13249/3cr/BH 141

In this seminar, we employ the evolutionary model of language change
developed by Croft (2000) and Mufwene (2001) to examine several
Spanish and Portuguese language varieties that have come into being
due to contact-induced language change. After laying the groundwork
of the model, we study the factors involved in the formation of
several of the Romance languages and the socio-historical
circumstances that led to the push by various Western European
powers to colonize parts of America, Africa, and Asia. Having this
background as a basis, we then discuss the creation and structure of
numerous language varieties, including but not limited to the
following: 15th-16th century pidgin Portuguese, Michif, Media
Lengua, Romanian, key French-, Spanish- and Portuguese-based
creoles, immigrant Spanish, Andean Spanish, and Barranquenho, a
Portuguese-Spanish mixed language spoken on the Portugal-Spain
border. Students are expected to complete various assignments, do
all the readings, and contribute actively in the class discussions.
In addition, they are expected, within the five weeks, to choose a
paper topic on a contact variety involving a Romance language,
develop the paper through the semester, and turn in a 20-25-page
study at the end of the semester.