History | Black Athletes and Sports in the 20th Century
A200 | 26648 | Waite

Above class open to undergraduates only

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This course will examine the involvement of African-Americans in US
History from 1865-present through the lens of sporting
culture/competition.  We will explore overall patterns of racial
exclusion/inclusion of African-Americans in American sports.  We
will also mesh historical sporting achievements with social
advancements off the field, as demonstrated throughout the Civil
Rights Era through the end of the century.  In addition, we will
gain a better understanding of the sports, individuals, and
competitions that helped shape American racial history in the past,
and that continue to influence American society today.  Emphasis
will be placed on specific events/people (i.e. the desegregation of
baseball, the success of the Harlem Globetrotters, Jesse Owens’
Berlin Olympics, and Tiger Woods groundbreaking win at Augusta
National) and we will explore a number of different popular sports,
including boxing, football, baseball, basketball, track and field,
tennis, and golf.

Required and supplemental texts will help students identify how
sporting culture contributed to, as well as helped change racial
stereotypes regarding black athletes.  The textbook for the course
is based around short, primary sources.  In addition we will read 4-
5 supplemental texts on different athletes’ experiences.  The course
should help students improve their analytical skills as well as gain
practical experience in doing history.

The course requires an average of 50-75 pages of reading per week.
Class time will involve informal lectures, a film, as well as
regular group discussions based on assigned readings.  Discussions
will include problem solving and other activities.  Students will be
evaluated through their participation in class discussions, through
in-class quizzes, and two exams (mid-term and final).  Each student
will also present a short (8-10 minute) in-class oral presentation
and subsequent written analysis (4-5 pages) of a topic of their
choice, covering an aspect of 20th century American sporting history
that fits into the themes of our class.

There is no pre-requisite for this course.