History | America's Nations
A379 | 11801 | Cullather

A portion of the above class reserved for majors
Above class open to undergraduates and Education MA’s only

As the reconstruction of Iraq began, President Bush pointed
to Japan and Germany to show that the United States knew how to
rebuild a defeated nation and make it a successful democracy. He
didn’t need to stop there. Italy, Austria, Korea, the Philippines,
Haiti, Cuba, Liberia and at least a dozen other countries have all
undergone regime change and reconstruction by the U.S. Nation-
building has been part of the American mission since the
Union “reconstructed” the Confederate states after the Civil War.
This course will use these occupations as a unique window on the
military, diplomatic, political, and cultural history of the United
States and the world. We will examine the problems military
occupiers face, what kind of governments the U.S. tries to create,
the values and politics Americans try to transplant abroad, and how
Americans are in turn affected by the cultures of the lands they
conquer.  Students will be evaluated on the basis of two research
assignments and essay exams.