History | Jewish History: Expulsion to the Revolution
B321 | 28335 | Lehmann

Above class for Jewish Studies students only.  Obtain online
authorization from Jewish Studies advisor

This course examines the transition from medieval Jewish society to
modernity, covering the period between the expulsion of the Jews
from Spain in 1492 and the French Revolution with its deep impact on
Jewish life in Europe in 1789. Topics include the expulsion from
Spain, the Spanish Inquisition, the rise of new centers in Poland-
Lithuania and Ottoman Turkey, the Jews of Italy between Renaissance
and the Ghetto, the emergence of Hasidism in Eastern Europe, Jewish
Enlightenment (Haskalah), and the beginning of the political
emancipation of European Jewry in the late eighteenth century.

Assignments for this course will include a midterm exam, short
writing assignments, and a final paper.

The textbooks used in this course is Jonathan Israel, European Jewry
in the Age of Mercantilism; Gershon Hundert, Jews in Poland-
Lithuania in the Eighteenth Century; and David Sorkin, The
Transformation of German Jewry. Other readings will be made
available on E-reserve.