History | Greek History: Persian Wars to the Legacy of Alexander
C377 | 26662 | E. Robinson

A portion of the above class reserved for majors
Above class open to undergraduates and Education MAs only
Above class carries Culture Studies credit

This course will provide a survey of ancient Greek history -
political, intellectual, military, social, and cultural - from the
close of the early fifth-century BC wars of liberation fought
against the Persians to the Hellenistic era initiated by the
conquests of Alexander the Great. Topics will include the Athenian
Empire, artistic and architectural advances including such monuments
as the Parthenon, gender and society in the classical Greek
community, the Peloponnesian War, democracy as experienced in Athens
and other city-states, philosophy from the Pre-Socratics to Plato
and Aristotle, the eclipse of the city-state and rise of Macedonia,
and the cultural flourishing of the Hellenistic Age.

Students will become acquainted with the literature of the Classical
period by reading (in translation) the works of several ancient
authors in part or in whole, and learn about the varieties of
evidence that historians use to recover the history of Greece.