History | Nordic/Baltic States in the European Union
D300 | 28721 | Raun

Above class open to undergraduates and Education MAs only
A portion of the above class reserved for majors
Meets with CEUS-U 320 and HIST-B303

This course focuses on the process and impact of EU enlargement in
the northern European and Baltic Sea region.  It assesses the
experience of just under one-quarter (six of twenty-seven) of the
current EU members, including three Nordic and three Baltic
countries: Denmark (member since 1973), Sweden (1995), Finland
(1995), Estonia (2004), Latvia (2004), and Lithuania (2004).  The
topics covered in the class will include the following: historical
background and campaigns for EU membership; public opinion on EU
membership and differing Nordic and Baltic perspectives; the role of
small states in the EU; national vs. regional and European
identities; constitutional issues, especially structural and
administrative questions raised by the EU expansion process; the
impact of EU membership on economic development, society, domestic
and foreign politics, and cultural life; economic integration and
the single currency issue; transnational migration and labor
mobility; minority issues; and security policy.

Written work will consist of the following: a midterm and a final
exam as well as a 6-8-pp. research paper on a topic (chosen by the
student, but approved by the instructor) related to the theme of the