History | African Civilizations
H227 | 26669 | Hanson

Above class carries Culture Studies credit
Above class open to undergraduates only
Above class meets with AFRI-L231

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This introductory course examines several African civilizations of
significant chronological depth and cultural relevance to the
continent. We discuss their historical development and reflect on
the meanings of the past for the present. No previous knowledge of
Africa or its history is required.

The format is lecture and discussion. Course lectures are
complemented by extensive use of audio and visual materials.
Discussions will include problem solving and other activities.
Course readings include a short, readable textbook, several
articles, and numerous African source materials in English

Students will develop analytical skills by identifying problems,
formulating their own questions, thinking analytically and
recommending solutions. They also will read and interpret historical
evidence. The course also encourages students to develop and
articulate their thoughts both orally and in writing. Evaluations
will take the form of several in-class exams (with IDs, short
answers and essays) and other shorter assignments.

Course required for the African Studies certificate. This serves as
an excellent gateway to other African Studies and African history