History | Epidemics in History
H333 | 7862 | Carmichael

A portion of the above class reserved for majors
Above class open to undergraduates and Education MAs only

This lecture course offers a survey of the history of human
infectious diseases, focusing on the last 700 years of human
history. We will cover the development of modern epidemic and
disease control strategies basic to modern practices. We will also
look at global patterns in human infections, social and behavioral
responses to epidemics, and take an interdisciplinary approach. The
readings are not at an introductory level, thus you need a good
background in either history or the life sciences. There are no
formal prerequisites. There will be three examinations (including
the final exam), and a number of objective quizzes offered at
regular intervals. You will be able to select your best five
quizzes, but there is no possibility whatsoever of a make-up quiz.
At least seven will be offered (and they help prevent disabling exam